AtoZ-CRO provides Clinical Research, Monitoring, Pharmacovigilance, Biometry & Regulatory Solutions to the global life science industry

Planning and initiation of clinical studies
From its head office in Overath, Germany, AtoZ-CRO manages and coordinates clinical studies of phase I to IV and post-marketing studies for national and international clients all over the world. We accompany your study from the first step until the final report – this includes the preparation of the study protocol and synopsis as well as potential changes, always in accordance with your guidelines.
Study monitoring
The AtoZ-CRO is not only a specialist in planning but also in conducting clinical studies. Amongst others we offer the recruitment and assessment of study centers, the training of investigators and their staff and monitoring the study centers incl. source data check.
Design and implementation of CRFs (case report forms)
With our team of experts we can offer you the right CRF, may it be electronical or not, suitable for your study and according to your specific study needs.
Biometry and statistics
To successfully complete a study, AtoZ-CRO offers its Biometry and Statistics services through a long lasting and reliable partner. Amongst others, data collation, validation, analysis and report, including sequential collation and analysis are the main activities.
Regulatory affairs issues
The AtoZ team is not only experienced in planning your study but also an essential partner when it comes to submit your study. We accompany your pre-submission, marketing authorization and post-submission. Trust our more than 35 years’ of experience!
Medical, clinical and safety regulatory affairs in the EU and a 24-hour physician stand-by service is included as well. Two AtoZ’ employees are certified and empowered to take care of any issue regarding the Pharmacovigilance such as LQPPV and local literature screening.

Additionally, we can support you in the following tasks for clinical studies …