Quality Management

Excellence in Quality

AtoZ continously strives to provide services of the highest quality and greatest value with respect to legal compliance and to the satisfaction of the sponsor and authorities. This commitment extends to all partners and persons with whom AtoZ has direct (e.g. customers, trial centers) or indirect (e.g. partners) contact.

At AtoZ the core business principle is to serve the customer with the highest flexibility and to fulfil customer requirements as specifically as possible. Focusing on customer satisfaction is the core element of the AtoZ quality system. In addition, we place very high emphasis on the confidentiality of customer data which shall be respected at all times. The AtoZ-CRO QM System...
  • defines responsibilities

  • focuses on customer requirements

  • demonstrates links between the different processes

  • assures consistency in execution, monitoring and measurement of internal operations

  • explains compliance with laws, standards and regulations

  • defines how resoruces and facilities are assured

  • sets the framework for data protection

The implementation and fulfilment of the AtoZ quality system is monitored continously. A major part of the monitoring activities is conducting audits, which are performed in accordance with a distinct SOP. It is the understanding of all AtoZ employees that each person is reponsible for and shall contribute to the process of continued improvement. To do so, all personnel is encouraged to implement and support preventive action, with emphasis on error prevention rather than cure.